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You will do a deep dive into your capacity to enable change and growth by a team of facilitators who are experts in their fields. Through the coaching program, you will be supported to deliver ongoing and sustainable change.

Program Overview

The Leadership Velocity Program is a combination of a group focused workshop, which is run over a day and then complimentary, individual-focused coaching, which is delivered over a two month period.

Over the course of the workshop, you will meet and be supported by a number of the Leadership Velocity coaches. 

Following the workshop, and if you choose to, you will be connected with a coach who will work with you over the following two months on those areas which you have identified as needing to be worked on as part of your personal and leadership development.

Leadership Velocity - Workshop

Session resources and learning activities have a mix of discussion, practical activities including roleplays, reflection tasks, videos and slide images. The content is underpinned by research and literature. The focused outcomes are:


Bringing attention to the reasons why people act the way they do


Imparting techniques which counter behaviours not productive for better leadership.

The Leadership Velocity Workshop Sessions Content


Being mindful gives us more energy for what’s important and what’s happening now rather than what may or may not happen. With different ways to practice mindfulness, The Leadership Velocity program will revisit the basics within a green, natural environment and embed this important practice in the leader's toolkit.

Managing Change 

To discuss and plan for a leader managing themselves and their team through change, Leadership Velocity refers to the Prosci ADKAR Model. Your people and leaders will have a better understanding of the inner transition that takes place during an external change, and also new tools to support themselves and their team through any change or disruption.

Biology and the Brain 

Amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation. How you get control back when it's been hijacked during emotionally or overwhelming situations is a critical mindset and behaviour which is the difference between good and great leaders.

External Pressure & Internal Resolve

Managing external pressure and building internal resolve is important for all leaders. Through a series of exercises, participants will come to realise that external pressure from others is not under their control but at best under their influence.

Embodied Cognition

 The Body, more than a way to transport the brain around, is the brain's connection to the outside world. Recognising neurological anomalies in people’s nervous systems and how they connect is important in understanding our ability to think and process all information clearly.

Solution Focused Coaching

If we are to be productive as we can be as leaders we need to learn how to work through, change and connect our thoughts, behaviours, emotions, physiology and our environment. We work with participants to help them discover  the areas they need to work on to get their leadership in order.

Positive Emotions

As a successful leader, it is important to be familiar with positive emotions and how essential they are to our brain functioning. This session provides an introduction to the idea that thoughts, behaviours, emotions, physiology and our environment impact our outcomes and our ability to interconnect with people around us.



Active Listening

As humans, we like to be heard. Leaders who actively listen to their people are empowering their people. Actively listening is associated with positive emotions and better quality interactions. Through a series of exercises, participants will become more aware of their abilities to be genuine, active listeners.

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Meet Your Lead Facilitators

Geraldine Moran

As a mum, academic, author, coach, award winner and the Founder & CEO of the internationally recognised youth empowering organisation Centre For Hope, Geraldine, through her knowledge and passion to help people, is an inspiring, selfless leader.

Ro O'Reilly

Ro really understands the power of the brain and how to teach people the process of rewiring so they can reach their full potential. Ro is an internationally acclaimed expert and innovator in this area, and a highly motivating speaker. 

Jordana Read

Jordana brings a fresh, balanced and wise perspective to building teams and businesses, gained from 20+ years of international business experience spanning strategic communications, organisational development, change management and executive coaching.

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